What’s here? Just launched and open to all on  the UCLA North Campus, the Digital Research Consortium (DRC) is a working community of practice with committed people, space and equipment for doing digital research. Currently centered in the YRL Scholarly Innovation Lab (SIL), the DRC is a multidisciplinary network for prototyping, developing, and advancing digital scholarship. Here you’ll find experts, infrastructure, administrative support, and intellectual community.

What’s happening? The DRC comprises resident technologists, librarians, data scientists and computing professionals working alongside faculty and students on digital exploration, development and publication. Already, the DRC has hosted over a dozen digital workshops and demos, supported 20+ project teams, and connected 50 faculty and students from 22 North Campus departments and programs.

Why join? Digital research happens when there is a community of experts and a safe space for supported exploration. The DRC is already meeting this critical need, and demand is great. Now is the time to join and shape our promising future.

For more information please email dal@ioa.ucla.edu.