Job Opportunities

Paid Summer/Fall Position in Digital Humanities – Social Media research and analysis

Professor Patricia Turner (former Dean of Undergraduate Education and Professor of African American Studies and World Arts and Cultures) seeks a research assistant to work with her on social media analysis. The ability to harvest, scrape, analyze, and visualize social media data is necessary. Experience using APIs (such as Twitter) is desirable, as well Python, R, and/or other text-mining and data visualization tools.   


Examples of her research questions include:

1)      What’s the landscape of anti-Michelle Obama threads on Reddit and Twitter, and how do we analyze them?  Was there more traction around the belief that she wanted an image of herself in a crown on a postage stamp or that she was born a man?

2)      On the day that Barack Obama announced 6 billion dollars for Ebola relief, what was the reaction in right-wing social media?

3)      Even though Barack Obama’s official campaign websites are no longer available, have they can be archived in such a way that I could see the Fight the Smears section?

4)      How do bots work and how do they influence public opinion on social media?


To apply, please contact Professor Turner directly at: pturner@afam.ucla.edu