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Archive of Healing

Assistant Programmer/Designer of the Archive of Healing

Programmer Position (Drupal)

Assistant Programmer/Designer of the Archive of Healing

In the next six months, we look to support our current programmer/designer with an Assistant Programmer/Designer. This person should either be skilled with Drupal or capable of transitioning to newer versions of Drupal OR a new (TBD) content management framework (perhaps one of your choosing).

Current projects include increasing the robustness of search functions, block development of user profile pages, the addition of IPS geotracking and localized advertisement support; and the routing of notifications across users with simultaneous changes to the database.

The expected hours will be less than ten hours a month for two to three months during a remote training period with the current programmer leading to assuming the lead position. The lead position is usually less than ten to fifteen hours per month onward.

This position is paid through UCLA as a contractor and paid through invoices. This position would also support the site management of three lesser used websites (all Drupal), but only on an infrequent basis (usually secure site errors, page loading errors, or working with UCLA site hosting on security updates). Ideally this person would have experience with AWS hosting, though not required.

To speak further about either of these position, please contact the AH Director, Dr. David Shorter at (shorter@ucla.edu).