Digital Archaeology Lab Summer Workshop Series

UCLA Library Research Workshop Series

Introduction to 3D Digital Reconstructions using SketchUp

Links to SketchUp video tutorials: SketchUp Workshop Summer 2020

Affinity Photo/DigiKam

Slides and tutorial links: Affinity Photo-digiKam Summer 2020

Cultural Heritage Modeling Workshop

Excel for Research

FileMaker Pro

Slides and tutorial links: FileMaker Pro Summer 2020

Introduction to DEVONthink

Slides: DEVONthink Fall 2021

Tutorial links: DEVONthink Links

Introduction to Scrivener

Slides and tutorial: Scrivener Fall 2021

Tutorial Links: Scrivner Links


Slides and tutorial links: PhotoShop Summer 2020

Practical Web Technologies for Social Scientists

Practical Web Technologies for the Social Scientist Or: Applied Data Exfiltration
Neal Fultz
Slide link:

Presentation Strategies and Tools


Slides: Tinderbox Fall 2021
Tutorial Links: Tinderbox Links

Tools for Research in the Field-Archive

Introduction to Vectorworks – 3D Modeling for Research Part II