3D Scanning and Printing Workshop

At the recent DRC 3D Scanning and Printing Workshop two handheld 3D scanners, the Artec Eva and Space Spider, were demonstrated on a range of object types. Andy Greyson walked the audience through how to set up the environment, capture the data, and process the scans, while also providing tips to efficiently utilize the variety of tools included in the software. The second half of the workshop focused on 3D printing during an interactive Q&A with Doug Daniels. Two 3D printers from the UCLA Library Lux Lab were printing throughout the workshop: the MakerBot 5th Gen (a fused deposition modeling printer) and Form 2 (stereolithographic printer). Technologists from the Digital Research Consortium were also available to discuss 3D modeling for research projects with the wide range of faculty, staff, and…
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